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What are the mysteries of motorcycle engines?

In summary, horsepower = torque × speed. Master a car and start with power!

The engine, which is different from other two-wheeled vehicles, introduces a variety of common engines.

Engine horsepower is a project that most people will definitely refer to when buying a car. When a motorcycle is sold, the car manufacturer will mark the maximum horsepower data of the engine.

The engine is chemically converted into kinetic energy to propel the piston, which in turn transmits kinetic energy through the crankshaft.

This is the basic characteristic of a gasoline engine: the high speed range has the characteristics of high horsepower output. At the same time, it also created one of the riding pleasures that many people recognize: the control of power.

It is precisely because the engine's power is so elusive, understanding the dynamic characteristics has become the basis for manipulating motorcycles.

engine guide.jpg     engine valve.jpg

Horsepower is the unit of power obtained by multiplying the torque by the engine speed. The engine has a larger torque, which means that the vehicle has better acceleration performance.

The greater the torque of the engine, the better acceleration performance of the vehicle. The energy that the engine erupts in a certain period of time.

Each engine has a relatively good combustion timing. If you want to balance both the high speed range and the low speed range, you need to rely on a variable mechanism.

For example, variable valve timing, variable intake manifold, etc., put the two engine settings on the same engine to create a wide high torque output belt.