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  • RJ566

    TyrePartern Tyre Size PR RemarkRJ566 3.00-10 8PR ThickenedRJ566 3.00-10 8PR Tubeless,Intelligent repairRJ566 3.00-12 8PR ThickenedRJ566 2.50-14 6PR ThickenedRJ566 2.75-14 8PR ThickenedRJ566 2.50-16 Tubeless,Intelligent repairRJ566 2.50-16 Tubeless,Non intelligent repairRJ566 3.0-16 Tubeless,Intelligent repairRJ566 3.00-16 Tubeless,Non intelligent repairQuality WarrantyMORE+

  • RJ270

    TyrePartern Tyre Size PRRJ270 3.00-14RJ270 2.50-17RJ270 3.00-17RJ270 90/90-18RJ270 2.75-18 6PRRJ270 3.00-18 6PRQuality WarrantyMORE+

  • RJ108

    TyrePartern Tyre Size PRRJ108 2.50-17RJ108 2.75-17RJ108 2.50-18RJ108 2.75-18 6PRQuality WarrantyMORE+

  • RJ565

    TyrePartern Tyre Size RemarkRJ565 110/70-14 Tubeless,for Sport MotorcyleRJ565 140/70-14 Tubeless,for Sport MotorcyleRJ565 110/60-17 Tubeless,for Sport MotorcyleRJ565 140/60-17 Tubeless,for Sport MotorcyleRJ565 110/70-17 Tubeless,for Sport MotorcyleRJ565 110/70-17 Semi Hot-melting type,Tubeless,for Sport MotorcyleRJ565 130/70-17 Tubeless,for Sport MotorcyleRJ565 140/70-17 Tubeless,for Sport MotorcyleRJ565 140/70-17 Semi Hot-melting type,Tubeless,for Sport MotorcyleRJ565 100/80-17 Tubeless,for Sport MotorcyleQuality WarrantyMORE+

  • RJ318

    TyrePartern Tyre Size PRRJ318 3.25-16 6PRRJ318 3.00-18RJ318 3.25-18Quality WarrantyMORE+

  • RJ217

    TyrePartern Tyre Size PRRJ217 3.00-17RJ217 2.75-18RJ217 3.00-18 6PRQuality WarrantyMORE+

  • RJ818

    TyrePartern Tyre Size PR RemarkRJ818 3.50-10 8PR Tubeless,Intelligent repairRJ818 3.50-10 8PR Tubeless,Non intelligent repairQuality WarrantyMORE+

  • RJ808

    TyrePartern Tyre Size PRRJ808 2.5-18 8PRRJ808 2.75-18 8PRQuality WarrantyMORE+

  • RJ531

    TyrePartern Tyre Size PR RemarkRJ531 3.50-10 6PR TubelessRJ531 90/90-10 TubelessQuality WarrantyMORE+